The world of luxury yachts sees a new entrant with the emergence of the Wajer 44, built with an innovative approach that integrates design with connectivity. Bridging the gap between the spacious allure of larger models and the compact agility of smaller boats, the Wajer 44 stands out as a versatile day boat that comfortably accommodates overnight stays. It’s the perfect marine companion for those who cherish both roominess and manageability at sea. Emphasizing a sleek, streamlined appearance, its exterior boasts the hallmark of Wajer Yachts' craftsmanship — from the retractable swing-over anchor arm to cleats subtly integrated into the rub rail. This yacht isn't just a feast for the eyes; its commitment to "Smart Boating" is remarkable, providing owners with advanced connectivity through the Wajer Owners App. This allows remote monitoring and control, enhancing convenience and reassurance for the modern sailor.

a couple on the deck of wajer 44

Inside the Wajer 44, elegance and functionality blend seamlessly. The interior features a transformable full double bed that shifts into a sitting area with a table, ready to adapt to the needs of its passengers, whether for rest or socialization. The yacht’s fully equipped bathroom, pantry with hot and cold water, a coffee machine, and an ice machine ensure that every need is met with the touch of sophistication. It's this attention to detail and lifestyle adaptation that makes the Wajer 44 not just a boat but a floating sanctuary.

inside space of wajer 44
the control panel or the deck for wajer 44

Boasting technical finesse, the Wajer 44 is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPS 500 engines, propelling it to a top speed of 40 knots. The 300 NM range pairs with efficient fuel consumption, ensuring extended voyages are as smooth as they are thrilling. Accommodating up to 16 passengers and designed to a CE-B category, the Wajer 44's deep V-planing hull with a 21° deadrise takes comfort and performance to an elevated level. Amalgamating sumptuous design with robust engineering, the Wajer 44 becomes more than just a yacht — it's a testament to maritime excellence and a beacon of luxury at sea.

wajer 44 luxury yacht from the back