X-Class safety truck by Carlex Design

X-Class safety truck by Carlex Design - TheArsenale

If you ever played COD Black-Ops you will surely know what a Pack-a-Punch is. For those who don’t, is basically a black box which allows weapons to be upgraded: The machine typically changes the weapon's name, adds one or more attachments, increases their power and most of all, it gives the weapon an elaborate engraving with calligraphy threads or a molten meteorite camouflage pattern.

The definition of Pack-a-Punch seems to fit perfectly Carlex Design works, worldwide famous Polish custom house. Mainly specialized in vehicles' interior customizations, from time to time they decide to work on exteriors as well, and the result really make you feel like you just put your car into a real-life PaP.

Their completed works present various styles: they range from a steam-punk Mini Countryman, to an unreal raw copper Yamaha V-Max, to a charcoal themed Challenger Hellcat. Also the projects they are currently working on, promise not to disappoint petrolhead fans: they announced the customization of two different styled Rolls Royce Phantoms.

But overall, their real vocation are pick-up trucks. Their standard production line include customized models of VW Amarok, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Fiat Fullback, Mitsubishi L200 and recently a tweaked version of the brand new MB X-Class.

The project includes an even more elaborated model of the Benz pick-up, rumored to still be in the design stages. The entire body is made from carbon fiber, as the truck has been considerably lowered and expanded. The load box has been painted in an eye-popping yellow color, matching other smaller elements of the build, such as the winches’ hooks, the interiors’ leather and the roof lights, added for the track safety car eventual purpose of the concept.