Xing Miss R - On and Offroad Supercar

Xing Miss R - On and Offroad Supercar

Just last year, Xing Mobility teased a road-legal supercar with a twist: it could perform equally on/off road thanks to its unique construction. Now, they have released videos and images of the clothed Miss R supercar with 1000 kW under the covers. 

Showing off their modular battery system, the Miss R will share the same system with a 3.5 ton truck. Clothed in a sculpted bodywork, the Miss R is starting to look way better than it did when it was just a naked teaser made to show functionality. The bodywork is a bit strange, with wide open panels and externally located wheels that allow it to perform better under any condition, both on and off road. Tested in an undisclosed location, Xing has used the testing to gather valuable data regarding the performance, handling, suspension and durability of the vehicle. 


The Miss R prototype has four 350V electric motors fueled by 98 battery modules. A total of 4,116 cells are submerged in 3M Novec 7200 Engineered Fluid that will keep the temperature low for optimal performance. Despite the seemingly complicated setup, it's actually quite simple to swap out in under 5 minutes. This is the advantage of having a modular battery setup. Xing says that the Miss R is not just an entertaining drive, it will serve as an R&D platform for the future development of other vehicles. They are planning to bring this similar construction to boats, construction equipment, public transportation and ride-sharing services.


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