XTI Trifan 600 - VTOL Aircraft for the masses

XTI Trifan 600 - VTOL Aircraft for the masses - TheArsenale

XTI Aircraft is developing a ducted lift-fan aircraft that is capable of VTOL and it is planning to release it after 2020 as a full scale capable model.

The worst part of air travel is the waiting times, security, delays and all the shenanigans of airports. XTI aims to absolutely remove these drawbacks from air flight, making an aircraft that's capable of landing and taking off right from a helicopter pad near you. It's called TriFan 600 because it uses three fans for propelling and 600 because of its 600 nautical mile range.

It is a hybrid aircraft and uses 1000hp turbine generators and batteries for power. It can go up to speeds of 300 mph which is incredibly fast considering the short time needed to board and land the TriFan 600. The price is set at around $6.5 million and with 60 confirmed pre-orders, we could see this VTOL aircraft in our skies as soon as 2023.