Zero Labs Bronco

Zero Labs Bronco - TheArsenale

There are many iconic SUVs out there in the likes of the Defender and the G Wagen but when it comes to American cars; no one topples the Bronco. With its iconic shape, especially the 1966-77 generation; it remains one of the most historic SUVs to come out of the region.

Zero Labs decided to reinvent the iconic car using factory steel built models that also happen to use factory licensed parts but with a very, very modern twist. Instead of the gas churning engines of the past, as the name hints; Zero Labs is using electric motors with zero emissions as you might have already guessed by now. It uses a 70 kWh battery with a range of 190 miles and Level 3 charging for lightning-quick charges. Power figures are quite punchy at 600 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque. What is most impressive is the fact that the exterior remains true to the core of the classic SUV while the interior is a completely different business. 

The only way to describe the interior is clean, minimal and luxurious. It is the kind of luxury that you would find in a Scandinavian cabin out in the woods; very understated and refined. It is full of carefully cut wooden panels intermixed with machined metal parts and switches. The metal has the perfect color to match the light wood panels and it is all tied together perfectly by supple white leather upholstery.

While this Bronco might not be the bread and butter of purists, it is definitely a respectable take on the iconic icon that respects its historic appearance while bringing it to the 21st century. This way, the iconic looks meet modern performance and reliability for the best of both worlds.