Zero Unveils The SR/S

Zero Unveils The SR/S - TheArsenale

We all know that the biggest drawback of electric motorcycles is their range, as their batteries take considerably longer to refill than a traditional internal combustion engine. This has made brands shy off electric touring motorcycles but Zero has finally taken the first step.

As the limitations of batteries grow more stubborn, brands have to figure out new ways to get around the range limitation and that is exactly why Zero added fairings to their sports cruiser, the SR/S. It is not a half measure though as the fairing is incredibly well designed and houses the headlight, mirrors while packing a tall windscreen. The fairing wraps around the battery pack and will allow the rider to neatly tuck in their legs behind it. And it is not all show and no tell, as Zero said that the fairing can add up to 13% of range in highway riding if you tuck your chin down to the tank, which leads to 145 km of riding in highway conditions. City riding can easily handle 323 km which is more than enough for some riders. 

This new bike follows up in the excellent lineup of Zero Motorcycles that fail to let you down no matter which model you decide to go for. It means that Zero is now a more fully equipped motorcycle brand with multiple choices for people to go for. We are really excited to see how the market will react to this new addition and how long it will take them to fully adopt premium electric motorcycles.