CARBOGATTO - TheArsenale

This unique H7 by Carbogatto fuses modern technology with a retro-futuristic design that cuts no corners both in terms of performance and aesthetics. 

Carbogatto was started with a very clear vision of a futuristic electric bike that stands out. It has a very unique styling that is clearly inspired by the past as much as it is inspired by the future. Its monocoque carbon fiber chassis is its dominant trait, making the bike instantly recognizable by its silhouette. 

The bike's lightweight chassis is propelled around by an electric motor that makes it accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in 6.2 seconds. Thanks to its lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, it weighs only 49 kg, which also includes its battery. Depending on your riding style, you would be able to ride the bike up to 85 km on one single charge. The front suspension of the H7 is a girder-type one, inspired by cruiser bikes while the rear uses a progression suspension system. 

Powered by a modified MXUS direct drive motor which is also integrated in the rear wheel, the H7 has a really sleek appearance. You can choose up to 4 separate modes for the motor, Normal, Eco, Dynamic and Safety. To stop itself, it uses 4-piston brakes in the front and 2-piston brakes in the rear.