MV Agusta

MV Agusta - TheArsenale

In collaboration MV Agusta, we are happy to present you with our latest exclusive collaboration; this incredible Dragster 800R Brutale. We were happy to line up our vision with theirs to bring this 1/1 bike to life.

We had a completely blank canvas when it came to designing the bike so we took our time, stepped back and stripped the bike of all visual cues. Then, we decided to carefully imprint our identity onto its aesthetic body. Parts of our branding can be seen here and there as the bike is covered in our color scheme. For a bike looking this good, it is hard to create something that stands up to it and we certainly were up for the challenge. In terms of performance, the bike remains uncompromising as usual. With an inline 3 cylinder 798cc engine that puts out 140 HP and a top speed of 250 km/h, this bike is nocslacker. This model features a full ride by wire system as well as traction control and electronic up & down gearbox connected to a hydraulic slipper clutch. 

You have the chance to own this unique, one of a kind motorcycle which is the only one to ever be made like this. Contact us or view the product page here for more information.