TheArsenale x Faith Connexion

TheArsenale x Faith Connexion - TheArsenale

TheArsenale is a creative Lab research for Future Mobility federating independent builders designers of mobility founded in 2015 by Patrice Meignan expert in technology fashion and mobility.

The last incredible project manage by TheArsenale is the first Flying Motorcycle made in collaboration with startup Assen Aeronautic with the tremendous development of the drone technologies we will provide to the market a complete new tool of transportation.

In addition to the Fashion Savoir Fair of Faith Connexion and Maria Buccellati, TheArsenale has designed a special outfit; a jumpsuit to pilot this machine.

Faith Connexion and TheArsenale will present their creation and the Flying Motorcycle during a special art happening in the famous Perez Art Museum during Art Basel 2022 this lounge will be powered by DDA Miami.