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DRC-017 The Brain Eraser

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Vehicle Description

This one of a kind motorcycle by father and son is truly a remarkable vehicle. The idea was born during the EICMA International Show in Milan. With a clear vision in mind, the team decided the finish the project before the one-year deadline. The DCR-017 name comes from DNA CAFÉ RACER made in 2017. The look was inspired by the 70' and 80'. A mean machine that would blow your mind away, with its beauty, power, and handling. The bike is built around the air filter. The idea was the air filter to be the center of the ‘attention’, just as the American muscle cars of the 60’s, 70’s, the 80’s. 

Price of The Motorcycle is: 99,999


The donor bike for this project is KTM RC8 Superbike. It took the team 2 months, designing how the bike should look. Every single custom part of the bike is custom made in-house. The three basic ‘large’ parts, the tank, the seat, and the under seat have been manufactured from one huge part of billet aluminum each.
Every detail is important. That's why the fuel cap is CNC machined from billet aluminum with visible the ‘tool paths’, to match the fuel tank finish! To protect it from oxidation the team anodized it orange. The D from the DNA Logo is engraved on the top of the fuel cap. The fuel cap size is small and blends nicely with the tank, so minimal that hands can’t open it. To open it you need the D key, a Male D shape key that fits perfectly in the female D engraving! The D key is made out of Delrin and besides opening the fuel cap, it is designed to start the DCR-017 using NFC technology!
The frame and subframe are powder coated ‘Black Charcoal’ with a sandblast finish that contains metal particles.
The seat is machined out of a 60 kg billet block, after 60 hours of CNC machining the final weight is 1.2 kg and the surface has the ‘fingerprint’ finish of the tank, with visible tool paths, protected by clear anodizing.
Also, the fenders had to complement the old-school look of the bike. They are made from a single aluminum alloy. Both fenders where CNC machined.
The front light is LED, with high, low and daylight beam. Also incorporated is a Tilt sensor, that points the beam left or right, depending on the side you lean.
The tachometer is a single analog white dashboard, but with a very small LCD screen to display all the important data necessary.
The switches are machined from billet aluminum and anodized glossy black.
The front brake calipers are superbike race specs 4 piston monoblock radially mounted. The front disks are 320mm fully floating cast iron direct link technology. The rear brake caliper 2 piston race specs. The rear disc is a 220mm fully floating direct link technology.
The exhaust system is titanium and specially made by Akrapovic, for the DCR-017. The exhaust features Evolution 4 headers and a unique final section that comes directly from the Moto GP!

Engine and Air Filter

The engine is a KTM LC8 1.190 R’ V TWIN. It is tuned to SBK Specs using the KTM Power Parts race kit. The secondary butterflies are removed and installed a DNA custom MK3 Air filter. Custom mapping in-house and fine-tuning increased the power to 186 wph @ 10.400 rpm and the torque 13.55 kgm @7.100 and redline 11.300rpm! The engine is painted dark grey and a race Anti-hopping clutch installed. The oil cooling is also modified, from “water to oil” to ‘air to oil’.

The DCR-017 is built around this filter and the beauty of this custom CNC machined and the orange anodized filter is just mind-blowing! Besides the beauty, the DNA air filter performs. It flows more than enough air for the engine to produce the 186 ‘ponies’! As it is ‘very’ near to the body and heart of the rider, you feel it! You feel the ‘pulses’ you hear the ‘roar’….you feel a sensation like never before, as the beast produces his massive torque and power!

DRC-017 The Brain Eraser
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