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Tarform Motorcycles

Tarform Luna

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Tarform Motorcycles is a new breed of electric motorcycles, with a new philosophy of building motorcycles out of innovative materials; all to deliver an entirely new experience of riding.

The Ethos

Tarform Motorcycles is driven by art, design, technological innovation and a respect for nature. Going back to the creation of the motorcycle, they understand the absolute freedom that motorcycles symbolize and want to take that timeless concept to a new era. At the root of the motorcycle, lies its modularity and bio-based materials.


With a strong belief in sustainability, the motorcycles are built out of the three following materials; algae pigment, biobased resin, and and flaxseed weave. These elements combined together remove the need for traditional paint, biochemical materials and reinforcing materials with natural alternatives that deliver an unmatched rigidity and finish.

The Experience

Tarform Motorcycles are built by people who are passionate about their craft, aiming to deliver the highest standard in every step of the way

Range 120 Miles

Charging 0-80% in 50 minutes

0-60 3.8 s

Tarform Luna
  • $ 24,000.00