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The imminent revolution of urban transportation lies in the skies. XPENG is at the forefront of bringing this transformation to life with their VTOL, which will radically transform the way people move around.

A Futuristic Flying Car with Advanced Design

The XPENG X2 is a highly advanced flying car that represents a major leap forward in the field of urban transportation. Developed and manufactured by XPENG AEROHT, it is the fifth-generation model and boasts a teardrop-shaped, minimalist design that is both sleek and aerodynamically efficient. Its carbon fiber structure is a key element in achieving its ultimate in-flight performance, as it reduces weight and increases its overall agility.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

One of the most impressive features of the XPENG X2 is its eco-friendly design. As it doesn't produce any carbon dioxide emissions during flight, it represents a significant advancement in the pursuit of green transportation. This makes it an ideal option for low-altitude city flights, such as short-distance journeys for sightseeing or medical transportation. The X2 is a two-seater vehicle, providing a unique and innovative solution for the transportation needs of the modern urban dweller.

Intelligent Flying Experience

Another exciting aspect of the XPENG X2 is its dual driving modes. Passengers can choose between manual and autonomous driving, giving them full control or a safe, intelligent, and effortless flying experience. With simple start, return, and landing operations at the touch of a button, this feature makes flying accessible to more people than ever before. The XPENG X2 is a remarkable achievement in modern technology and a testament to the rapid advancements being made in the field of urban transportation

Safety Features

The XPENG X2 is equipped with Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP), which ensures maximum safety for passengers and cargo through redundancy. With multiple propellers and motors, the X2 can safely land even in the event of motor or propeller failure. The X2 also features additional safety measures such as spherical environment detection, autonomous return and landing, ground monitoring, real-time video, an omnidirectional camera, and an emergency ballistic parachute. These features make the XPENG X2 a reliable and safe option for urban air mobility, revolutionizing the future of transportation.

Top Speed 130 km/h

Fuselage Carbon fiber

Capacity 2 Passengers

Flight time 35 minutes

Cruise altitud300-500m

Electric Motors 8 Electric motors

Empty weight 360 kg

Max weight 560 kg

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