2018 Honda Super Cub "Scrambler" by K-Speed

2018 Honda Super Cub "Scrambler" by K-Speed - TheArsenale

When K-Speed first got their hands on the brand new Honda Super Cub, they created an instant modern classic icon that stole the show. Read about their first build by clicking here. This time, they have souped up an entire new recipe, one that is quite unexpected.


By request of Thai rap superstar Joey Boy, the K-Speed crew with Eak leading confronted a unique request. He asked for a scrambler version of the iconic motorcycle which seemed impossible at first. Thanks to the experience gained from their first Super Cub build, they managed to create one of the coolest bikes of this year. To transform this legendary commuter into this off-road hybrid, they had a lot of chopping to do. 


K-Speed started with the rear of the bike which was trimmed down for a cleaner look and to allow for some more space for the bulky off-road tire. Up front, the cargo rack was chopped off together with the safety covers for a more exposed, raw look. The factory low-laying handlebars were swapped in favor of flat tracker bars that keep the riding position upright. The old bulky headlight fairing is replaced with a fork mounted unit that keeps things nice and tidy. Performance upgrade include a manual clutch conversion, an oversized piston and an injection module upgrade. This lightweight little beast can now fully BRAAAP through mud in what possibly is the coolest small motorcycle we have ever seen, period.