Awake RÄVIK - Neat, clean and silent e-surfboard

Awake RÄVIK - Neat, clean and silent e-surfboard - TheArsenale

One of the most entertaining summer activities certainly is jetboarding. The ability to glide over the water at the push of a button evokes pure freedom. However, most of these boards run on two-stroke engines unlike the newest RÄVIK by Awake.


Based in Ilmhamn, Sweden; Awake makes premium electric surfboards that share Scandinavian design DNA matched to breathtaking performance. The RÄVIK features a carbon fiber body that weighs only 35 kg altogether. Considering the weight of batteries and the motors, the board ends up being actually quite lightweight. The electric motor can boost the board up to 56 kph on the water and you can have up to 40 minutes of incredible fun on a single charge. The wireless throttle control will allow full range of motion for your arms and you'll be hitting 50 kph in as little time as 4 seconds. 


If you find yourself out of juice and still under the adrenaline rush, you can simply swap out the battery for a fully charged one and blast away in no time. With only 80 minutes of charging time, you can take a swim at the beach while the RÄVIK charges and then you can jump back on it to silently slash the waves. Measuring at 179x61x19cm, the board can be easily transported to and from the beach in any regular car. The RÄVIK will soon be available for purchase on TheArsenale for those looking to step up their superyacht summer toy collection. Stay tuned for more.