Ayrton Senna - The King of F1 (How You Could Own a Piece of Formula 1 History)

Ayrton Senna - The King of F1 (How You Could Own a Piece of Formula 1 History) - TheArsenale

Ayrton Senna has been touted as the best Formula 1 pilot ever to live and race, backed even by his rivals at the time. It would be a shame to attribute a single feat to Senna but if we had to; it would be his ability to drive in wet circuits. 

In fact, Senna's F1 debut of wet asphalt dominance was in the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, a race that took place during a massive downpour that turned the track into a puddle surrounded by walls. Driving an incredible car, the Williams FW16; Senna was quickly climbing through the positions in his career, Reaching the highest levels of F1 faster than anyone before him. Described by his rivals and racers at the time as the greatest wet track pilot, Senna would drive the car as if the track was dry. He would slip through corners seemingly effortlessly while others struggled to keep a solid race line. 

It wasn't always like that though; his wet track driving skills were not a godsent gift bestowed to him. When he first raced in the rain, he was in the cockpit of a go-kart and had mediocre results. That is why every time it would rain, Senna would rush to the track and practice for hours; mastering driving in wet conditions. This drive could be attributed to his philosophy of life that was characterized by a metaphysical approach to racing, seeing it as a spiritual endeavor. Ayrton Senna was one of the best pilots F1 will ever see, but he also was larger than life in all aspects of his existence. Experts argue that if it wasn't for the incredible engineering of the FW-16 Senna wouldn't have been able to do what he did. 

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