Dorby Works X TheArsenale

Dorby Works X TheArsenale - TheArsenale

Dorby Works is a Miami based custom house and their most distinguishing feature is their obsession for a crazy looking scooter, the Honda Rockus. Dorby, the garage owner, has a past as a Japanese drift-car tuner and that kind of background is really palpable in his current products.

The Rockus’ he’s producing are in pure Wynwood style, starting from the flamboyant colors to the Hyper-extended frames, making look the more clean and simple of the scooters, an engineering masterpiece, purposely developed for drag races.

Performance side is as curated as the aesthetic one: several different engine kits and custom exhaust systems from many notorious brands (like Yoshimura) are available at their shop.

The Dorby Ruckus X TheArsenale is a bit different from their usual projects: the full black livery is not a frequent choice since they love to use bright colors. Anyway this is not a problem because, at TheArsenale, ‘UNUSUAL’ is a keyword and the studs and sharp spurs popping out from every square inch of the vehicle reiterate this concept. This special also features extra-wide tyres and an in-house built 170cc engine.


The Ruckus TheArsenale is a low-slung monster that packs a punch despite its size.

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