Joey Ruiter Snoped 2 - Daft Punk'ing on Snow

Joey Ruiter Snoped 2 - Daft Punk'ing on Snow - TheArsenale

Joey Ruiter is one of our favorite transportation designers. He has created some of the most unique concepts and machines. His philosophy is stripping down a vehicle to its barebones and then building around it in the cleanest way possible. In 2018 the Snoped was revisited to bring back the futuristic vibes back with a clean and mean snowmobile that looks unlike anything else. The Snoped 2 can be purchased on TheArsenale exclusively and is delivered to you from J.Ruiter's studio in Michigan, USA. Click here to buy it.


The Snoped starts with a 110cc Yamaha engine. Connected to the engine is a 4 speed transmission. A Timbersled Ripper 90 track system was installed with a singular snow-track.  Joey then decided to build around the engine with a sole objective in mind; to make a bold vehicle. The blockish bodywork wraps around the engine. It's not aerodynamic, features no special shapes and panels to make it easier for it to cut through air. It is simply there, in its bold shape inspired by clean Café Racers. 


Unlike other snowmobiles, it's a bit more challenging to ride as it doesn't have dual tracks for stability and other gizmos; however it offers an experience that is irreplaceable. The headlight is neatly tucked inside the front vertical grille for a clean look. This minimal snowmobile brings retro-futuristic vibes with its clean shapes and pure experience. We wouldn't mind riding this on snowy Switzerland mountains.