LEGO® Technic creates a 1:1 Driving Bugatti Chiron

LEGO® Technic creates a 1:1 Driving Bugatti Chiron - TheArsenale

When the Bugatti released the beast, LEGO® Technic created the Chiron kit to construct the car in a small scale but yet quite complex. We thought they were done but that was just the beginning. 


This time, they are back with a fully-sized Bugatti Chiron that actually drives. Yes, it actually drives and is made of the plastic cubes that our childhood was built on. By using about a million pieces to build the life-sized version; the Lego Technic team decided to go even further and power the thing up and make it drive. It uses 2,304 Technic motors, 4,032 Technic gear wheels and weighs about 1.5 tonnes. In total, all thousands of motors of the car produce 5.3 hp and about 92 Nm.


What's impressive is that beside its nearly identical exterior, even the interior is an experience in itself. The front and rear lighting are working for those night rides and road safety. To handle all the massive power behind the wheels, there is a braking system as well as a functioning spoiler for aerodynamic help during those high-speed drives at 20 km/h. There are almost 13,000 hours of development and construction invested in the car as well as around 58 types of custom-made parts. The functioning speedometer is built out of custom pieces. Bugatti did provide the wheels and the tires to finish it off in full realism. 


The car was unveiled at the Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Monza and can be seen in action below.