Sultans of Sprint Saison 2017

Sultans of Sprint Saison 2017 - TheArsenale

Every year, motorcycle fanatics from all of Europe gather to race their twin cylinder engines down the drag strips. All the participating bikes are custom built by some of the best workshops all over the world. At Sultans of Sprint, the incredible is ordinary. Bikes are engineered to outperform their limits.


Our friends from Lucky Cat Garage participated in the race with their stunning Bombinette, created in collaboration with RM-Paint. Many great teams like FCR Original, Mellow Motorcycles, Schlachtwerk, Plan B Motorcycles and much more took part in this exciting event fueled by nitrous and adrenaline. Schlachtwerk's "Skinny Beast" is available for purchase in our store for any race-hungry riders looking to conquer the drag strips.

lucky cat garage bombinette

schlachtwerk skinny beast


While Mellow Motorcycles grabbed the first spot with their "Frankestein" motorcycle, two new awards were introduced to the show. The bodywork award was given to our friend Christian Moretti from Plan B Motorcycles. His "Ugly Duck" motorcycle featured a gorgeous sculpted front in a raw finish. You can purchase two other motorcycles by Plan B Motorcycles on TheArsenale. Visit their garage here

plan b motorcycles ugly duck

The Fotozino award was given to FCR Original for creating the most captivating fanzine of their Sultans of Sprint journey. 


This year's fantastic Sultans of Sprint was topped off at Midnight Garage Festival in Paris, making for a vibrant end to one of the year's most thrilling motorcycling events.

midnight garage festival