The USHBA Yamaha TRX850 custom motorcycle by CCW

The USHBA Yamaha TRX850 custom motorcycle by CCW - TheArsenale
CCW's ‘USHBA’ custom motorcycle is a striking build with an aggressive style and superbike levels of performance. Based on the Yamaha ‘TRX850’, it is now redressed in a hand-made monocoque body that celebrates shiny, sharp-edged welding.
CCW started designing the attractive Yamaha ‘USHBA’ with very few customer limitations, leaving plenty of freedom both in design, and in the motorcycle concept — the only guidelines it received was to create a very aggressive bike with a unique design and exceptional performance. The fuel tank and tail symbolize the sharp peaks of the mountain. Polished aluminum details give a nod to ice and snow on the summit, while black details of black color signify the rocks. The futuristic cafe racer combines the features of a classic bike with the technologies of a racing bike. Further details of the bike's engine capacity can be viewed in detail on our online store.>