Voitures Extravert Quintessenza - Resto-Mods with an Electric Twist

Voitures Extravert Quintessenza - Resto-Mods with an Electric Twist - TheArsenale

For purists, this would be a crime. They would tear their hair out at the transformation, claiming the process is an exorcism that extracts the living soul out of these cars; however we beg to differ. Voitures Extravert takes abandoned and abused Stuttgart legends and turns them into modern day heroes.


It all starts with the donor cars, abandoned 911s that are way out of their legendary shape. Abandoned, rusted and forgotten; these cars are breathed new life into them by the Dutch experts over at Voitures Extravert. They start with 70s and 80s models and strip them down to their bare essentials, building them to look as similar to the 60s 911s. Touching and modifying an original 60s 911 would be a crime, they posses way too much monetary, historic and automotive value.


The cars are given a 60 kWh battery pack that will offer 400 kms of range, more than enough to commute, joyride and cruise on a beautiful sunny day. 0-100 times are by no means fast but not slow either with a brisk 6 second. Priced at 300,000 EUR, Voitures Extravert will source the donor car, build it from the ground up and then deliver it to your doorstep. The finished product will be a Quintessenza, an electrified Porsche 911 with as much character as there could possibly be. They have probably created the world's coolest electric car and paired with the eCub 2 by Shanghai Customs, they would make the world's best retro-futurist garage.