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Meet the Maverick GT, the Wild New Electric Jet Ski That Can Surf Giant Waves

Maverick GT

T3MP3ST mission was to build a personal watercraft that could double as a tow-in vehicle for big surf spots like the Mavericks while fitting into a RIB hull to become a people-carrying tender with some style to it; and as if that wasn’t enough, something that runs completely silently so as not to disturb marine life. Suffice it to say, the mission was a success. The two-seat Maverick GT houses a 350-horsepower H3X 3-D-printed electric engine capable of achieving approximately 70mph (112 km/h) at top speed with enough torque to navigate surf up to 100 feet (30 meters) – making it the perfect big wave companion. Capable of converting into a boat by attaching to a custom-designed RIB, it boasts a range of 50 miles to 100 miles (80 kilometers to 160 kilometers).

Maverick GT Surf Ski is built for riding 100-foot waves, designed like a superyacht, tested by extreme athletes, and inspired by nature.

Delivery: within 12 months


The T3MP3ST surf ski boasts stealth, is self-righting, and will be able to operate semi-autonomously, unlike any other consumer watercraft. Each T3MP3ST surf ski is unique, designed by the customer with renowned superyacht designer J. David Weiss, and national hero and renowned special operator Captain Patrick Toohey.
Every superyacht owner will want a T3MP3ST jet rib to expand their yacht tender’s capabilities beyond the 20th century. It will soon be embarrassing to operate anything else. However, unfortunately, only 1% will have access to them next year.

First impressions

- The Maverick GT electric PWC is in a league of its own. – Watercraft Journal

- A silent multi-functional monster – Watercraft Journal

- A groundbreaking piece of technology and a vehicle born for good old-fashioned excitement – Boss Hunting

- A 70mph beat – Robb Report

- The world’s smallest yacht. – Boss Hunting

- The epitome of the multi-tool concept


Capacity  0-4 passengers

Speed 0-70 mph

Range 75-150 miles

Runtime 3-5 hours

Motor 525hp Marine Grade

Battery 150kWh modular system

Charger  Level 3; charges up to 80% capacity in 1 hour

Hull Depp-V Deadrise Carbon Fiber

Delivery within 12 months

Titanium dual-throttle handlebars

  • $ 150,000.00