Triumph Scrambler Blue Legend-FCR Original-TheArsenale
Max Speed

Triumph Scrambler Blue Legend

An homage to 70’s scramblers

$ 28,348.00
Released by FCR Original

If you plan to escape a Nazi prison camp soon, this might be the best vehicle.

Have you seen The Great Escape? If you haven’t, this is a classic movie where Steve McQueen escapes a Nazi camp with a Triumph Bonneville. Well, we thought this Blue Legend Scrambler would be a way more appropriate and efficient machine to do so nowadays, even though we don’t have a lot of this prison camp situation anymore. Anyways, the Blue Legend was built by french builder FCR Original, based on a 2016 Triumph Scrambler. The goal was to built an homage to 70’s scrambler and let’s say they highly succeeded in this way. Take a look at this gorgeous hand crafted exhaust system just to agree, hear it and you’ll want to buy it. The attention to details was took everywhere else on the bike an only high quality parts have been installed. The Blue Legend is the Scrambler you are looking for, and even if it’s shiny, it only wants to be rode on muddy trails.



Frame and oscillating arm pickled with vegetable abrasive then polished and nickel plated/ Inox exhaust line FCR Original/ Front / rear mudguard, headlamp and number plate in aluminum, handmade FCR Original/ AR Shock Factory twin shock suspensions/ Monza cap by Evo X Racing/ Turn signals AV Bihr/ Rear turn signal indicator FCR Original/ US cross type handlebars/ Black leather upholstery by Sellerie Proust/ Parts Europe Drag Specialties counter/ Bitwell handles/ Joker Machine Footrest Machine/ LSL footrest/ TKC80 front / rear tires in 100 / 90-17 and 150 / 70B17

Triumph Scrambler Blue Legend-FCR Original-TheArsenale


BuilderFCR Original

ModelBlue Legend

Base’16 Triumph Scrambler




Max Speed175km/h

Triumph Scrambler Blue Legend-FCR Original-TheArsenale

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