Zarooq Sandracer GT 500-Zarooq Motors-TheArsenale
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Zarooq Sandracer GT 500

Zarooq brings supercar-level performance offroad, with Dakar-grade dampers to turn the harshest of desert rides the smoothest luxury ride. The Sandracer GT 500 is limited to only 35 iterations, each of which will be numbered in the chassis.

$ 554,625.00
Realeased by Zarooq Motors

The Sandracer Concept

The most striking detail about supercars today is their fantastic looks and on-track performance. Their limitations start off the smooth asphalt paved roads when real-life hits and speed bumps are encountered. Zarooq wanted to blend high-level performance with off-road capabilities. Born in the tough Dubai deserts, it is built to handle the most extreme terrains with featherweight ease. The Sandracer GT 500 comes with a 2-year engine warranty and a 48-hour response bespoke repair team. You can customize the interior entirely and a bespoke concierge and assistance service is among many possible options.


Zarooq Motors is the first Emirati supercar manufacturer. The car is shaped after rally raids cars, and despite all the aggressive styling it manages to offer a carbon fiber and hand-stitched leather interior. Up front, the headlight and grille create a futuristically aggressive look, decorated with LED lighting and a circular headlight. In the rear, a buffed up C-pillar is scarred by grilles that further emphasize the combative looks of the Sandracer GT 500. The rear lights are tucked inside a sculpted housing that is a tribute to Italian Motorsport design. It has a two-exhaust layout and the rectangular mufflers feel at home with the design.


To make all this possible, the Sandracer GT 500 was built with the toughest parts available in the market. A hand-made racing tubular chassis that weighs just 1300 kg minimizes body roll when turning and is paired to an Intrax Racing Suspension that offers 45cm of travel; Dakar-level digits. The powerhouse behind this beast is an LT1 6.2L V8 that is finely tuned to 525hp/660nm. To make use of all the power possible, a Waddle 5-speed racing sequential gearbox was a perfect choice. The brakes are 6 piston caliper ventilated ones, offering substantial stopping power for the monstrous engine. Mansory is the name behind the beautiful bodywork, which is entirely carbon fiber. The interior is also made out of carbon fiber and hand-stitched leather. An infotainment system together with an A/C system is installed to provide for entertainment and fresh air even in the hottest desert race. 

Zarooq Sandracer GT 500-Zarooq Motors-TheArsenale

Chassis Hand-made, tubular, 1300 kg

Suspension Intrax Racing - 45 cm travel

Engine LT1 6.2L V8

Power  525hp

Torque 660nm

Fuel Capacity 130L

Top Speed 220 km/h

Body Carbon fiber by Mansory

Interior Carbon fiber and leather by Mansory

Zarooq Sandracer GT 500-Zarooq Motors-TheArsenale

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